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A french bakery with the finest sortiments of bread, a little pastry shop with the freshest products in town and a fancy bistro with healthy, delicious preparations.
A little bit of all. ARC Bakery. The Lifestyle Bakery.

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Where can you find the best, most tasty and fragrant bread in the world: Paris, right? Well, now you can find it also at ARC Bakery, a cozy place in the heart of Bucharest, where you can allow french flavors to conquer you.
However ARC is more than a bakery, it’s also a pastry and bistro and the perfect place to spend your afternoon.

Bakery and pastry products are skillfully parched from renowned french recipes, by a chef with 30 years of experience who has come all the way from France to gratify people in Bucharest with delicious realizations.

All ingredients from ARC Bakery are fresh and natural. We use high-quality french flour, bio butter and eggs, the vegetables and fruits are from the local market and the dough we use is allways crisp. Also, we operate the ovens at least twice a day so that every product on the shelves is always fresh.

At ARC Bakery you will find many sortiments of bread such as rye, buckwheat, flax seeds, cereals, and delicious pastries such as croissants with butter, pain au chocolat, rolls with poppy and many others. And for those who want to try a breakfast or a delicious lunch, our premises can offer a few dishes that are based on fresh and healthy products.

We gladly invite you to visit us at ARC Bakery!

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